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Measure your website traffic and efficiency with non-intrusive metrics that respect the personal data of your users.

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Intuitive and easy to use website analytics that are made just for you.

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You get total page visits, referrers, most visited pages, average time spent on page, country of visit, devices and browsers that were used. All in one page.

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Just add 1 line in your website and that's it! No complicated setup or unnecessary steps.

You can easily integrate our website analytics tool with modern frameworks.

We don't track or store personal data

We know how important privacy is, that is why our analytics for the website do not invade the personal information of your users.

GDPR Compliant

We don't store any personal information about your users and we're strongly committed to protecting your rights and personal data.

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Easy and clear. Spend less time searching through a clutter of data.

Analytics for the web can be straightforward without invading the privacy of your users.

What others say about 123Metrics

Pedro Harrari

Online Store Owner

I recommend 123Metrics wholeheartedly to all website owners. It was incredible how easy it was to understand my users' behavior after I started using it.

Matt Ackerman


I didn't know how important it is to analyze and understand what are my best website pages and optimize them to perfom even better. Good service, had no issues.

Andre Winger

Ceo & Founder

Great value for the price! I switched to 123Metrics from Google Analytics, because it required specific consent from my users and the data stop being accurate. 123Metrics freed me from GDPR worries.

Daniela Cervenka


I'm using 123Metrics for 3 months and since I've discovered it, I'm using it almost every day to develop my online business. I love it!

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  • Page visits: Up to 20k/month
  • Users: 1/account
  • Sites: 2
  • Support: low priority



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Save $56
  • Page visits: Up to 200k/month
  • Users: 3/account
  • Sites: Unlimited
  • Support: normal priority



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Save $96
  • Page visits: Up to 1M/month
  • Users: 10/account
  • Sites: Unlimited
  • Support: high priority
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Personal data is the oil of the digital age. Big companies like Google save every piece of personal information they find about users using tools like Google Analytics. They use that personal data to make hyper targeted ads, spread propaganda and discrimination and encase users in their own reality bubble by giving them personalized search results that reveal partial truths about the world.

    This has to stop, that is why a series of services that focus on privacy have arisen and laws and regulations like GDPR that try to protect users from having their data being used against them.

    123Metrics is one of those services that have joined the privacy movement, demonstrating that you don't need private user data in order to give useful website stats.

  • You can upgrade to a paid plan anytime after you've created your trial account.

  • You will be notified via email that you have to upgrade to a higher plan.

  • VAT applies when you (or the company which is purchasing) are from the EU and you're not registered for VAT in your country.

  • The fact that we do not gather personal data means that we do not use you site traffic to sell Ads. This means that we help you respect the privacy of your users and you no longer have to deal with the hassle of GDPR when it comes to your website analytics.

    On top of this, Google analytics is very hard to learn and understand and comes with a clutter of data. With 123Metrics you get the metrics you really need which are very easy to understand. No more headaches.

  • 123Metrics provides you with the following traffic to website stats, all in a friendly and intuitive interface:

    1. Total page visits
    2. Referrers
    3. Most visited pages
    4. Average time spent on page
    5. Country of visit
    6. Devices used
    7. Browsers used

    We have the following features on the roadmap:

    1. UTM parameters
    2. Events
    And more to be announced!


123Metrics is built with passion by Remus Sebastian Negrota.
The main driving force behind it is a privacy first policy, all while delivering a fast and easy to use website analytics tool.