123Metrics documentation

How to add the 123Metrics script to your website

Once you've added your website in the 123Metrics dashboard you need to add the script to your website.

Open your website page with your favorite text editor and copy paste this line of code right before your </body>.
<script type="text/javascript" src = "https://api.123metrics.com/123metrics.js" async defer></script> Copy code

That's it!

Make sure you've saved your changes and 123Metrics will take care of the rest.

The gathered data

123Metrics is a privacy focused product so it only gathers non-personal information from which it generates the metrics:

Page URL

123Metrics only gathers partial URLs. Parts of the URL that could contain personal data are dropped. For example if the URL contains a specific query string like https://example.com/page?userId=abc, we drop the ?userId=abc part and only store https://example.com/page.

User agent

Based on the user agent, we gather information about the OS of the device and the browser that was used when visiting your website.

Time zone

The time zone is what we use to find out the country from which the site visit originated.

Start visit time and end visit time

123Metrics captures 2 timestamps:

  • The time at which the page is opened in the browser.
  • The time at which the user left/closed the page.
Based on these 2 timestamps we are able to calculate how much time the user spent on a particular website page.


The referrals are the site pages OR links from which a user navigated to your website. This way we can show you essential data about from which parts of the internet your users are coming from.

Referrer links relay the information only about the domain of the website from which the visit came from, we strip any non-essential personal information. For example a referrer link like https://examplesite.com/page1/pageindex?search=abcd&user=xyz will be deconstructed to only https://examplesite.com.

Referrer links coming from Google's different types of domains and subdomains will be shown only as 'Google' and referrers coming from ad specific subdomains will be shown as 'Google Ads'. Referrers from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram receive similar treatment.

The website metrics page

The website metrics page shows all the gathered data grouped in relevant charts:

  • The number of visits for a selected period of time
  • Referrers grouped by number of visits
  • The most visited pages
  • Average time spent (in minutes) for the most relevant pages
  • Browsers that were used to navigate to your website
  • Devices/OS that were used while browsing your website
  • Countries of visit shown in the world map view

You can filter the time period of the data shown by quickly selecting one of the presets (today, 7 days or 30 days) or by selecting a custom date range from the calendar.

Adding users to your account

Standard and PRO subscriptions can have multiple users/account. Standard can have up to 3 users and PRO up to 10 users.

This way the account can be shared without having to pass the same username and password to multiple team members.

Adding a new user is very easy:

  1. Sign in and go to the account area
  2. In the Account Users panel enter the email of the user you wish to invite
  3. Click [Add user]

The bar below the email input shows how many users you have invited

The table displays the users that have joined the account (including yourself). You can see their name, email and the time when they signed up.

Here is how it looks:

GDPR & data retention

As per GDPR you have full access to all your data. You have the right to request access to and rectification or erasure of personal data or restriction of processing of your personal data or to object to processing as well as the right to data portability with the right to edit it or remove it anytime, with the understanding that if your remove it you will no longer be able to use the service.

123Metrics needs minimal amount of data for an account creation, just the name and email. That's it. No other sorts of personal data is gathered or stored. You can read more details in the Privacy Policy.

Being a fully GDPR compliant service, 123Metrics has a complete data retention policy.

How to manually delete your account

Go to your Account area, scroll to the bottom of the page to the Delete account section and click [Delete account]. A password confirmation is needed for the action to take effect. Account deletion is immediate.

Trial users can manually delete their accounts directly, while subscribed users will first have to cancel their subscription.

Subscription section

The subscription section contains all the details about your subscription.

From here you have access to all your invoices and payment history in a fully detailed list:

In the subscription area you can also update your payment details in case your want to use another card to make the payments.

You can also easily cancel your subscription by clicking [Cancel subscription].